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This simple kit empowers families to achieve physical distancing or self- isolation during  a pandemic. 

Families having to share the same airspace with others, or where living space is overcrowded, are at a high risk of infection.


This kit, costing less than  USD $6 for the complete frame, provides an affordable means of managing transmission of highly infections variants. The frame can support tarpaulins and a range of locally available cladding materials from thatch to wooden planks.

Furthermore, unlike a tent, the lower edge of the roof frame can be elevated onto posts or a low wall to provide improved living space.

The emergency RSK shelter kit  consists of only 9 bamboo poles and is easily carried. It can be assembled in 40 minutes and disassembled in 5 minutes.

Lower roof frame lifted

The urban RSK  consists of 18 bamboo poles and can be also be carried. The shelter is freestanding on concrete making it particular suitable for achieving physical distancing in a city.

how  this can make a difference
Physical distancing in the Covid -19 pandemic may be required in the medium and possibly long term especially with the emergence  of new waves of viral variants. 

The ability to isolate our families in the separate airspace of our homes is a priviledge we take for garanted. The RSK uses a simple innovation to provide every family with this opportunity.
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