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Returning to assess conditions in shelters 3 months after Koshi River disaster Nepal 2008.

The RSK shelter programme is open to everyone and all the data recorded is freely available through our website.


We believe that the innovation used for the RSK bamboo shelter can provide improved levels of strength, safety, comfort and dignity for displaced families when building their own personal shelter. In addition we recognisel the importance of sharing this little known innovation widely so that everyone is able to build an RSK shelter in an emergency.


We are also promoting the fact that countries with limited bamboo resources will also benefit from the 33% savings in bamboo that the RSK manages to achieve.


By continuing to work at a grassroots level we can maintain our focus on the needs of the individual displaced family. We will also continue to engage and work with the Shelter Sector to maintain the high standards of professional monitoring and evaluation that will be required to scale up this shelter.

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