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Loading our bamboo for Yangon RSK shelter training

The RSK  shelter program was self- funded for the first five years.


After winning the AidEx award in 2015 we received a grant of £3,000 and registered with HM Government as a small charity.


In 2017 we achieved full registered status with the Charity Commission and all donations are now administered through the UK registered "ReciproBoo Shelter Health and Education Charity"  (Reg. no: 1173501)


The high efficiency of the RSK, that uses 33% less bamboo than equivalent shelters, means that we can achieve a great deal with very limited funds. The complete 12 pole elevated RSK shelter costs less than $38.  As $30 of this is for the two tarpaulins we are particularly grateful for the tarpaulin donations received from NRS International in support of our program.

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