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UNICEF partner RSK response team at Mahottari fire.

On May 3rd 2024  the RSK response team deployed to the Mahottari fire in the Saptari district of Nepal. 


The team were asked by UNICEF if they could provide two Double RSK shelters for their staff to use for Child Friendly Centres (CFCs). These CFCs are used  to provide  a combination of covered play areas for the younger children and temporary teaching  classrooms for older children. In addition UNICEF requested if we could also build Standard RSKs to provide privacy for mothers feeding their babies.


The shelters were rapidly built by the team over 2 days to a high standard and one of the Double RSK shelters was used for medicines distribution by UNICEF staff.


The double RSK is normally used to provide emergency shelter for a large family


Double RSK being used by UNICEF for medicines distribution.

Note the good ventilation openings that the RSK can provide at eaves level.


Inside the double RSK shelter. 


A double RSK shelter being used by UNICEF as a Child Friendly Centre (CFC)


Standard RSK shelters being used for by mothers with babies.

Note the nearby  "A" frame shelters with very limited standing space. 

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