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The project was in 5 townships in Hinzada District over a period of 6 months from January to June 2020.  A total of 66 training sessions trained 1,975 people to assemble and use the RSK shelter. In addition the CDA, together with their partner UNICEF, set up RSK shelter training for CSOs at Kyauk Phyu in Rakhine State.

These RSK shelter based training courses are just what we had hoped would spontaneously develop from our initial joint training courses with the CDA. Training of trainers is an ideal way of empowering communities at risk to prepare for displacement by recurring hazards.

3 (1).jpg

Assembling the RSK roof frame on the ground

1 (1).jpg

Attaching tarpaulins to make a standard RSK shelter

2 (2).jpg

Completing RSK training

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