The problem with relief shelters is building the roof

Today, when a disaster occurs, displaced families receive a tarpaulin but no frame to support it.

The difficulties families face when building the roof of their shelter is a worldwide problem.

Many resort to building simple "A" frame structures. However living space in these shelters is cramped with little headroom

"A" frame shelters   Koshi river disaster Nepal 2008

By far the majority of families try to build a traditional roof made from split bamboo or canes.

Without the required skills these shelters are poorly constructed and relatively weak structures

Split bamboo lattice roof . Koshi River disaster Nepal 2008

The RSK reciprocal frame roof uses only strong and complete bamboo poles. It requires no special skills ; the roof frame is lashed together on the ground and then simply lifted onto 4 corner posts.

Inside RSK shelter at UNHCR training Myanmar 2017

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