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Provides emergency shelter for a family of 5. 

The kit is similar to the emergency RSK except 4 posts are used to support the roof frame and an additional bamboo side pole is used to complete the roof frame.

This 12 pole lightweight kit is easily carried and rapidly assembled.

One tarpaulin is used for the roof and awning and a second tarpaulin is used to make the walls.



Standard RSK shelter

12 pole shelter kit

This is the standard shelter unit that all the RSK shelters ​are based on.

It aspires to meet Sphere guidelines and provides dignified and well ventilated living space. It is the first simple upgrade for families that have received the emergency RSK shelter.

The walls of this shelter do not support the roof so recipients can use any available materials including earth bags, mud bricks, stones or bamboo lattice to start infilling the walls for increased security.

Health benefits include the improved ventilation and partitions can be hung from the roof frame to improve privacy. The severe storm option also applies to this shelter.

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