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 On January 8th a  team of dedicated volunteers successfully carried out a third RSK Shelter training course in Kathmandu. 

Each training course is preceded by detailed preparations over several zoom meetings between the London RSK Shelter representative  and the RSK field team in Kathmandu. Working together we have built a template that shows how well  instructions for assembling and building RSK shelter kits can be delivered "virtually " to anywhere emergency shelters may be required. It is hoped that the template will eventually be reduced to a series of simple diagrams and check points that will empower every shelter response team, in countries with local bamboo resources, to be able to use this emergency shelter.

The following photos show the high standard of RSK shelter frame building that the enthusiasm and teamwork of the Kathmandu team were able to achieve. Importantly all the checkpoints for the bamboo frame were correctly completed, and only small adjustments will be made when they next build this shelter. This is  a training exercise and   final tarpaulin attachment  to the frame will be completed at the next training course. I am really looking forward to the next RSK training session with this group.

Shaun Halbert

RSK Shelter London

 4 reciprocal frame poles in position
6 (2).jpg
First side pole added and lashed in position
8 (2).jpg
Working together on each corner of the roof frame
6 (1).jpg
Roof frame lifted onto support posts
15 (1).jpg
Attaching roof frame to support posts
5 (2).jpg
Attaching side tarpaulin
Positioning roof tarpaulin with awning
Roof frame complete
10 (2).jpg
Attaching roof frame to support posts
13 (2).jpg
Attaching padding to protect the tarpaulin  (only if available)
Positioning roof tarpaulin with awning
18 (2).jpg
One happy team !
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