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 All the RSK shelters are simple upgrades of the emergency RSK shelter kit.

The emergency RSK kit consists of:

a). 9 bamboo poles.

b). 2 standard IFRC trapaulins ( 6m x 4m)

c). 8m rope ( 6mm diameter)

d). 40m lashing material  ( 2-4mm diameter).

e).  4 short bamboo stakes

No special skills or tools are required for assembly, the roof frame is simply lashed together on the ground and then supported by the two props.

With all the shelter kits only a 10 minute demonstration of the 4 pole reciprocal frame is required as all the remaining steps to support this roof frame use well known traditional methods.


The complete emergency RSK shelter kit


The emergency RSK

Aid agencies can contact us for detailed specification sheets on all the RSK shelters. These specifications are in both metric and imperial units and for both IFRC and UNHCR size tarpaulins.

Alternatively more detailed bills of quantities for the emergency and standard RSKs can be found in the IFRC technical sheets  publication.


Please note that in the 5 years since this publication, we have updated and made further recommendations for these shelters in our specification sheets.

Emergency RSK shelter spec px.jpg

RSK specification sheets ( 44 available)

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