Every shelter kit is comprised of 4 reciprocal frame poles for the roof.  In order to fit the standard IFRC or UNHCR tarpaulins these poles are either 2.8 or 2.5 m long  ( 9ft or 8ft). Depending on the type of shelter the kit is completed by up to 4 outer frame poles together with either support props or posts.

One to three standard relief tarpaulins are included depending on the type of RSK shelter. 


Ten metres of 6mm polypropylene ( or equivalent ) rope is included for the emergency shelter. Lashings made from natural fibre  ( coconut / sisal / jute ) or synthetic (polypropylene) twine complete the kit.

For full BoQs for the RSK shelter kits see the

IFRC technical sheets publication.

The complete standard RSK shelter kit

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