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This starts with improving morale by empowering families at risk

to be proactive in shelter preparedness 

by assembling  their own

"personal"  RSK shelter kit

to be able to  build a strong and secure shelter quickly and efficiently when a disaster occurs


to be able to easily repair, maintain and upgrade their shelter


Providing a well ventilated comfortable

living space

that encourages "personalisation" of  their shelter by allowing the family to maintain and upgrade their shelter over time.


Unlike traditional shelters the walls of the RSK do not support the roof

so they are easily filled in with available materials such as earth bags, bamboo lattice and mud

which, together with the roof insulation, gives an additional feeling of security and well being for the shelter occupants


The RSK roof frame is also ideal for hanging partitions

that  provide much needed privacy and feelings of well being for the shelter  occupants 


and also hanging mosquito nets

for  vector control.

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