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 DATE:  Saturday 5th March 2022 

LOCATION:  Butwal city, Lumbini Province, west Nepal


INSTRUCTOR :  Samir Nepal and assistant Hira Buda

PARTICIPANTS:  24 volunteers from the  community                                      including 4 members of Nepal Red Cross

SHELTERS BUILT:   the Double RSK shelter




This was the first time that this group had built an RSK shelter and once again a high standard of construction was achieved.

The double RSK shelter kit requires teamwork to build it rapidly and efficiently, and this group of volunteers achieved this goal.  


After splitting into 2 teams, the first team built a standard RSK roof frame on the ground. Meanwhile a second team assembled a second roof frame but with one of the ridge poles on top of the frame poles instead of underneath

( see photo ***). This simple modification is to allow the two frames to overlap better in their final position and improve overall tarpaulin support.

The ability of the volunteers to build the double RSK shelter frame so well at their first attempt is highly commendable. They are now capable of building two of these units alongside each other to create the 4 unit RSK that provides 36 square metres  of covered space. These larger units can be extended further to potentially  provide  temporary classrooms, isolation wards or vaccination units etc.

Each one of these training sessions  provides us with valuable information about the RSK shelter and its use for emergency shelter and I am very grateful to all the participants for their hard work.

The feedback and photos tell us that this day was an enjoyable experience for all the participants . I look forward to  continuing to work with you all.

Shaun Halbert

RSK Shelter London

     the team


     lashing instruction


roof frame assembly using bamboo baton for keeping frame square


2nd frame nears completion


*** 2nd roof frame completed

note top ridge pole is on top of frame


lifting second roof frame into position


positioning second roof frame

adjusting frame


frame complete


     positioning tarpaulin


 positioning tarpaulins

     attaching second half tarpaulin


  frame complete


 positioning tarpaulins


training completed

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