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Many lives are lost each year in countries that have recurring floods and landslides.

The RSK shelter kit innovation  provides new opportunities to prepare for and mitigate the impact of these hazards.

Preparing for floods
  • The RSK emergency shelter kit is the first complete bamboo frame shelter kit that        

     is easily carried. 

  • Its 9 bamboo pole frame is affordable for the poorest families.

  • Its roof is capable of supporting CGI sheeting, planks of wood or thatch if a tarpaulin is not available.

  • The poles can be used with the tarpaulin to  make a simple stretcher to carry disabled family members as well as vital possessions.

  • Its roof frame is easily elevated to improve living space .

These features combine to make it easier for families to rapidly move to higher ground and build their own shelter. Understandably there is often a reluctance to move until it is absolutely necessary and it is this delay, that can put the more vulnerable elderly and children in greater danger.


If relief tarpaulins are not available the frame can be easily cut down to fit available plastic sheeting.

Preparing for landslides
Diagrams reciprocal frame .jpg

Although most landslides occur in mountainous terrain,  exactly when and where they are going to occur is very difficult to predict


Even though communities may be aware that their dwellings are at risk of landslides, they invariably have little option but to remain where they are. 

Unlike other types of shelter, the RSK emergency shelter can be erected on sloping ground and this feature, together with the RSK mobility, can provide temporary evacuation options for these communities.
With advanced planning, communities at high risk could be advised in advance by risk assessment experts of the best nearby location to  temporarily relocate to at times of heavy rain.
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