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This fact has compelled me to put forward the following proposals that have stemmed from my work with the bamboo RSK shelter.

In these proposals it is the special load bearing ability of bamboo reciprocal frames that is used to support insulation or create sleeping platforms.

To be of practical use the frames have to be simple to use and very durable for purpose.

Even though frames of these dimensions can support the weight of an adult it is frames for children to sleep on  that is my initial aim.

The logistics of using bamboo (the green tubular steel) can be managed to make it feasible. The tools and lashings to make, repair and maintain each frame for its purpose are already available locally.

Using reciprocal frames to help prevent hypothermia


Reciprocal frame 1

If the shelter is an RSK  with a 50mm diameter bamboo reciprocal frame roof it can support a layer of insulation (contact me below for test results). 

Reciprocal frame 2

This is a low platform to lift children off the ground when sleeping.

Considerable heat loss occurs  to the ground when there is direct contact with a body . The frame has 4 simple bamboo sunk supports at each corner . Its small dimensions allow it to be left set up during the day, or stored vertically . It can also double as a storage platform for keeping possessions dry when there is surface flooding inside the tent.

Reciprocal frame 3

This medium size frame supports a tarpaulin and layer of insulation (rugs or spare clothes etc) to create a warmer sleeping capsule for all the family that can be assembled in minutes.  The bamboo is a smaller diameter and easily folded away during the day.


For full details of the cold climate advantages of the RSK shelter

contact S.Halbert

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