The RSK shelter can potentially lower the risk of hypothermia

  •  by supporting a layer of insulation or snow without collapsing

  • by using the free standing double RSK if the ground is frozen

  • by using simple reciprocal frames inside the shelter to create an elevated platform and insulated sleeping area.


The double RSK  has special features to reduce hypothermia

In an emergency, unlike an "A" frame shelter,  it has the ability to support a layer of  insulatiion such as  wooded planks, foliage  or snow.

One or both sides can be lifted onto posts or a low wall to increase living space if needed.


Using reciprocal frames inside the shelter to prevent hypothermia

Reciprocal frame 1

can support a layer of insulation or snow.

Reciprocal frame 2

is a low platform to lift individuals off the ground when sleeping

Reciprocal frame 3

supports a tarpaulin and layer of insulation to create a warmer sleeping capsule.


All of these frames are simple and practical to use. The lightweight frame 3 can be disassembled in minutes and put together at night as required.

For full details of the cold climate advantages of the RSK shelter

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