the emergency RSK shelter

The emergency RSK has many practical features, some of which are unique to this shelter. They empower communities and individual families to prepare for and respond to disasters on a large scale.

 9 pole emergency shelter kit


The complete bamboo frame shelter kit uses only 9 poles making it compact for storage, lightweight and easily carried.


The RSK frame uses only 3 different lengths of bamboo. No special skills are needed for assembly and joints are simply cross lashed so that all family members can assist. It can be rapidly erected or disassembled in less than 45 minutes

thatching the RSK roof frame  Myanmar Delta village


The load bearing reciprocal frame roof is capable of being thatched if tarpauilns are not avalable. The frame can also support wooden planks and make use of other salvaged materials for insulation if needed.


The RSK can be pitched on sloping ground that is unsuitable for tents.

RSK storm shelter opened for demonstration   Bangladesh MSF training


In very severe storms the roof of the RSK shelter can be lowered to the low wind profile " storm shelter"  within minutes. 


This shelter uses 33% less bamboo than any equivalent shelter. The frame costs less then USD $5​ making preparedness affordable for the poorest and most vulnerable communities.


The same roof frame can be lifted up onto posts to make a standard RSK shelter when further bamboo becomes available.

RSK kit poles used for stretcher Bangladesh MSF demonstration

The emergency RSK is a truly multi-role shelter that has many advantages for recipient families in an emergency. The poles can even be used with a tarpaulin to make a stretcher for carrying debilitated family members.

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