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 After completing the training of emergency response teams in Nepal we are now focused on the next stage which will be an RSK shelter pilot.


To provide RSK shelters to displaced families in an emergency situation and monitor and evaluate their use. 


The RSK pilot will retain a considerable degree of flexibility to adapt to changing emergency needs at short notice.

Up to 80 standard RSK shelters with 4 unit RSK washrooms will be built. This can be increased to 160  emergency RSK shelters if required.



We shall continue to work with our local partners and the Nepal Red Cross


The data we gather will be of particular value in assisting aid agencies and shelter stakeholders to respond with RSK shelter kits to large scale disasters in future.



If you or your organisation would like to be involved please contact me for full details of the shelter pilot.

Shaun Halbert

+44 (0) 7970106786


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