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The RSK shelter uses 33% less bamboo than any equivalent shelter

This exceptional efficiency is illustrated in the following  scale diagrams.

The complete elevated RSK shelter requires 35 metres of  bamboo compared to 48 metres of bamboo for an equivalent size traditional shelter frame (37% less).

A study of the diagrams shows that these savings in bamboo are due to:

1. Shorter and fewer lengths of bamboo being needed to  provide tarpaulin support, especially in the center where it is needed most.

2. Two less support posts being needed for the RSK shelter due to the side beams of the RSK not supporting the roof load.

33 per cent less bamboo.png

The ARUP shelter design Type 1 is the ideal standard we all aspire to achieve. However, in large scale disasters, the reality is that bamboo is rarely available  in the quantities needed to build it. The double RSK uses 65% less bamboo then this shelter and therefore may be the only practical alternative in most emergencies.

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