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Nepal RSK Project Team and Nepal Red Cross 

This partnership is working closely together to train RSK shelter response  teams and deliver RSK shelter kits to the most needy communities at times of emergency throughout Nepal.


Community Development Association (CDA)   

Our national partner based in Yangon that works with UNICEF.  In 2020 they set up RSK training for 66 villages in the Irrawaddy Delta region. They have partnered us with our RSK training courses since 2015 and members have taken their training to Northern Shan, Chin State and Rakhine State.     


Myanmar Red Cross   

Organised 3 joint RSK training courses.  Partnered us for RSK disaster preparedness training for villages in the Irrawaddy Delta.


Partnered us for a joint RSK training course in Sittwe that included 22 Government engineers.


Staff training was followed up by NRC building RSK shelters in IDP camps in Rakhine State

The following NGOs have sent field staff for RSK training.

IOM, Save The Children,  Action Aid , World Vision, Habitat for Humanity,  International Rescue Committee, CARE, Medaire, Caritas, Trocaire, BRAC, Seeds Asia, LWF and KT Foundation

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Invited to Kutapalong  refugee camp Cox's Bazar by MSF to show staff how to build RSK shelters for temporary wards. 


Local NGOs

Recommended by UNHCR to build RSK shelters for Rohingya refugee families.

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