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The RSK is very simple to upgrade, repair and maintain.

 The same roof frame that is used for the emergency shelter can be used to upgrade to the standard RSK shelter thereby saving considerable bamboo resources.


Only two lengths of bamboo are used for the RSK roof and this allows poles to be interchangeable so that repairs and  maintenance are  straightforward. A damaged roof frame pole can simply be cut out and replaced without having to disassemble the whole frame.

The RSK shelter is very easy to work on  and encourages a degree of  "personalisation" by the recipients.  When further bamboo becomes available additional bracing can be added to the structure.  Walls can be infilled with available materials , ventilation openings made adjustable  and  water run off extended further from the eaves. Lightweight partitions can be hung from the roof frame to promote privacy. Simple reciprocal frame extensions supported by existing posts can be added to provide outdoor living or cooking space.


     Myanmar delta village 2016

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