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On August 14th 2021 Rotary and Rotaract volunteers took the first steps in their training to assemble  and build RSK shelters in Kathmandu.

They built a one third scale model of the double RSK shelter indoors for the first time. Furthermore, by using full scale diameter bamboo  for the frame and  support posts, they were able to practice cutting and lashing skills on full size  bamboo that will be used for building the actual shelter later.


It was also an opportunity to demonstrate the strength of the self-supporting reciprocal frame roof concept that is used for all 4 types of RSK shelter kits.

My sincere thanks to Samir Nepal, Charter President  Kathmandu Height Rotary Club , for delivering this training on my behalf. It is an excellent start towards showing how, by working together, this emergency shelter kit training can be delivered remotely to any community in the world.

Shaun Halbert

RSK Shelter  (London)

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