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1.  Empowering displaced families to build their own emergency shelters

 so that all familiy members can become proactive in a disaster situation. Personalising, adapting, repairing and upgrading their shelter in a way that has not previously been possible. 


              Rohingya families build RSK shelters.

              Photo S.Halbert Cox's Bazar 2017

2 . Empowering aid agencies with the first complete bamboo shelter kit 

so they can now deliver a shelter that not only provides exceptionally strong tarpaulin support but also new standards of dignified living.

3 . By enabling 33% efficiency savings in bamboo resources and transportation costs the RSK can greatly facilitate the speed and effectiveness of any disaster response.

The environmental impact of saving fuel as well as valuable and limited bamboo resources can be profound.


 RSK shelter kit. 

 Photo S.Halbert Cox's Bazar 2017

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