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Our technical support is not only from professionals in the shelter sector but also from the expertise of individuals working at a grassroots level  that have a lifetime of bamboo experience.

The engineering profession have been particularly supportive. Engineers that have experienced working with the RSK have provided invaluable technical support. Individual engineers continue to ensure we remain well grounded on technical issues at all times. Engineers Without Borders have assisted with the research and development; introducing us to undergraduates at Galway University Engineering department who published their research on the RSK shelter kit as part of their engineering degree and subsequent graduation.  RedR have repeatedly asked us back to run a weekend hands on RSK  module for young engineers that always provides valuable technical feedback.

Today we are very fortunate to have engineer Samir Nepal as our Nepal project lead and chief training instructor. We look forward to continuing to learn from all our shelter sector  volunteers and local communities who are participating in the RSK Shelter Project.

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In 2015 we worked together with the IFRC  to produce the first bamboo RSK technical sheets. Since this publication a great deal of field work and improving the RSK shelters has been done and we look forward to updating this document.

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