RSK (Reciprocal frame Shelter Kit) overview

The RSK is the first complete bamboo frame shelter kit to use standard relief tarpaulins. This is only made possible due to the strength and efficiency of its award winning reciprocal frame roof that results in the RSK using 33% less bamboo than any equivalent shelter. The impact this can have on how we prepare for and respond to large scale disasters, as well as the environmental benefits, are considerable.

The complete emergency RSK with its 2 standard relief tarpaulins uses only 9 bamboo poles and costs less than $40.  It enables first responders to build large numbers of shelters that meet Sphere guidelines, with a degree of speed and efficiency that has not previously been possible. Unlike the relatively weak split bamboo or cane lattice roof of traditional shelters the RSK roofs use only strong and complete bamboo poles, thereby providing many structural benefits.


Beneficiaries can now use the same roof frame that they used for their emergency RSK to upgrade to a single or double elevated RSK and thereby potentially save on the need to build transitional shelters. These elevated RSKs are truly modular shelters with 4 units providing 40 square metres of covered space for a temporary classroom, washroom or reception.


This flexibility is further demonstrated by the “Urban” RSK; a shelter targeted at earthquake victims that has the ability to support CGI sheeting and be free-standing on concrete. Additional security is provided by every RSK being able to be lowered to a low wind profile within minutes to survive severe storms. And, importantly, it is the structural improvement to ventilation that RSK shelters provide that can potentially reduce the existing high mortality caused by acute respiratory infections in overcrowded refugee camps.


In the future tarpaulins look set to continue to be a central component of any large scale shelter response. The RSK can not only greatly facilitate this response, but also enable displaced families to benefit from the considerable health and security benefits that this highly versatile shelter innovation provides.

We are now looking to partner with an organisation who has the vision we have for improving future emergency shelter response, and who would like to participate in our plans for an RSK shelter pilot.


For further information contact:

Shaun Halbert

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RSK emergency shelter

RSK single shelter

RSK double shelter