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The 4 pole reciprocal frame roof

is a self-supporting structure 

that provides the exceptional strength and weight bearing properties of the roof  of this shelter.

A frame of the dimensions we use for the RSK roof made from quality bamboo can support up to 100kg in test conditions.


However, bamboo quality is so variable that a layer of insulation up to 30kg is recommended in practice.


This additional layer of insulation 

makes a cooler shelter in the tropics.

A cooler shelter helps to reduce dehydration and improve comfort levels in debilitated individuals.

In this training exercise with the Myanmar Red Cross the RSK roof is loaded with bamboo lattice panels.


Villagers in the Myanmar Delta have shown how the RSK roof can be thatched with palm leaves

This is particularly useful in remote villages where delivery of tarpaulins in a disaster may be delayed

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