RSK shelter          Myanmar Delta 2016

Reciprocal frame Shelter Kit ( RSK )

Winner of the AidEx Innovation

Award 2015

 inside this shelter is a simple innovation 

called a reciprocal frame roof

that has a long and proven

history in construction

inside the RSK shelter            Myanmar 2016

this strong and highly efficient roof frame

 has enabled us to develop the first  complete bamboo shelter kit 

RSK at MSF training Cox's Bazar 2018

of families building their shelters with weak split- bamboo lattice roofs


by using only complete bamboo poles in a very strong roof frame 

lattice roof shelter       Bangladesh 2017

a roof frame that greatly helps disaster preparedness 

 by  empowering poorer communities to prepare and store  their own personal shelter kit 

preparedness training     Myanmar 2016

and has an  impact
on disaster response

by facilitating the rapid  building of secure and dignified shelters with exceptional efficiency

refugees build RSKs     Bangladesh 2017

it uses 33% less bamboo
than any equivalent shelter

due to the exceptional span and efficiency of its reciprocal frame


thereby reducing transportation costs and having a positive impact on the environment

bamboo for RSK training          Nepal 2013

in  which all the components are locally available 


and no special tools are required

 RSK shelter kit                    Myanmar 2016

by lashing together the roof frame on the ground and then lifting it onto 4 corner posts

assembling roof frame    Bangladesh 2017

to upgrade their emergency shelter to a transitional shelter as needed

RSK shelter upgrades   

with a roof capable of supporting thatch or insulation 

 and that can be lowered within minutes to a low wind profile in a severe storm 

thatching a roof frame     Myanmar 2016

can not only improve the physical, but also the psychological health of families 

improved ventilation          Bangladesh 2017

with four units making a 40 square metre temporary classroom or large  reception


and taking 6 persons less than 4 hours to assemble

4 unit RSK classroom     Myanmar 2016


include the "urban RSK",

a bamboo frame shelter that is freestanding on concrete

that is now being assessed for earthquake shelter preparedness and response in cities

UNHCR training in 2017 included the first Urban RSK prototype

is mainly from peer reviews by engineers and shelter experts who have built RSK shelters in the field

as well as individual engineers that have provided technical support from the outset

IFRC publish RSK tech sheets   Geneva 2015

for both international and local NGOs has been well documented 

model RSK at training   Myanmar 2017

 Shelter Cluster members

 as well as local shelter organisations


working with communities at risk

NRC giving RSK training        Kachin 2017

shelter pilot that will not only further evaluate the RSK shelter in a disaster situation

but also impact on shelter stakeholders as outlined in our appeal

for field support

   RSK shelters Bangladesh 2017