The RSK is the first complete bamboo frame shelter kit for standard relief tarpaulins.

This breakthrough in shelter construction is only possible due to the strength and efficiency of its reciprocal frame roof;  a simple innovation that enables people to prepare for and respond to large scale disasters.


The RSK uses 33% less bamboo than any equivalent shelter.

This saves not only transporation costs but also valuable bamboo resources that are often limited in a disaster. It also means that the emergency RSK, by using only 9 bamboo  poles, makes shelter preparedness affordable for some of the poorest and most vulnerable communities.


The RSK uses only strong and complete bamboo poles.

Unlike the relatively weak bamboo lattice roofs of traditional shelters the RSK roof is load bearing and has many structural advantages. Examples include its ability to support insulation, to provide better ventilation and to allow any solid materials to be used for walls.

Assembly of RSK shelters is more rapid and efficient than any other equivalent bamboo relief shelter.

For the first time shelter roofs do not have to be built in place overhead; they can be assembled in large numbers on the ground and then simply lifted onto support posts.

No special skills or tools are required.


The RSK is very simple to upgrade, repair and maintain.

 The same roof frame that is used for the emergency shelter can be used to upgrade to the transitional RSK shelter thereby saving considerable bamboo resources. Using only two lengths of bamboo for the roof allows poles to be interchangeable so that repairs and  maintenance are  straightforward.


The RSK is a truly modular shelter.

 Four elevated units provide 40 square metres of covered space for a temporary classroom, washroom or reception. Multiple units could be used for temporary medical or isolation wards in the COVID-19 pandemic.


The RSK has far reaching health and safety benefits.

Its improved ventilation can potentially reduce the existing high mortality caused by acute respiratory infections in overcrowded refugee camps. This includes reducing the transmission of coronavirus . Every RSK has the unique safety option of being able to be lowered to a low wind profile within minutes to survive severe storms.


The versatility and adaptability of the RSK in any emergency is considerable.

The ability of the emergency shelter to be thatched and support wooden planks. The use of RSK roof frames for temporary roof repairs. The ability of RSKs to be erected on sloping ground. The ability of the  "urban RSK"  to be erected on concrete for earthquake victims.



How this innovation can make a difference

The RSK makes preparedness affordable and a practical option for some of the most vulnerable communities that face recurring hazards such as flash floods.


It enables disaster responders to rapidly build safe and dignified shelters that meet Sphere guidelines by using a new method of roof construction that is simple, strong and highly efficient.


In view of these advantages for the health, safety and welfare of displaced families there is now a real need to complete a shelter pilot and share this knowledge worldwide.

We are therefore looking to partner with an organisation that can share our shelter vision and make life changing differences to future emergency shelter responses.

For further information contact:

Shaun Halbert

Director RSK Shelter Charity

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