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The RSK shelter kits

The emergency RSK shelter kit provides a strong and secure shelter for a family of 5 that can be erected in less than one hour.

The nine poles are simply lashed together with  twine to make a reciprocal frame (RF) roof shelter.

One tarpaulin is used for the roof and a second tarpaulin makes the walls. Two guy ropes anchor the shelter to the ground.


Assembling the emergency shelter.

a 9 pole shelter kit

The standard RSK shelter kit provides temporary shelter for a family of 5. 

The kit is similar to the emergency RSK except 4 posts are used to support the roof frame and an additional bamboo side pole is used to complete the roof frame.


One tarpaulin is used for the roof and awning and a second tarpaulin is used to make the walls.

This 12 pole lightweight kit is easily carried and rapidly assembled.


Standard RSK shelter

a 12 pole  shelter kit

The double RSK shelter kit is assembled from 16 bamboo poles for the roof frames and 6 bamboo support posts.


It provides a secure and dignified temporary shelter for a family of 6. Slots are cut using a handsaw or machete in the top of the posts to accommodate the roof frames otherwise the frame is simply lashed together.

Three tarpaulins are used for this shelter; one for the roof and one and a half for the walls.


The double RSK shelter opened up

22 pole double RSK shelter kit

The  urban shelter kit has unique design features that allow it to be free-standing on concrete.

It includes 6 large bags that are filled with earth or rubble to assist with anchoring the frame to the ground.




 urban RSK shelter kit

UNHCR engineers building an urban  RSK. Sittwe 2017

The 4 unit temporary classroom or reception is simply two double elevated shelters built in close apposition.


Four of these 4 units  make a temporary medical ward for 18 beds.


 4 unit RSK shelter kit


 4 unit RSK temporary classroom Myanmar Delta village 2016

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